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10 More Jeans Styles Besides Skinny


I love my skinny jeans as much as the next girl, but sometimes you just have to branch out! Check out my suggestions after the jump.

1. Dark Blue Trouser Jeans with a Front Crease

A sharp crease running down the leg adds a lean line and a cool look to your jeans. They are slick enough to be worn in a slightly more dressed-up work environment, but they’re far more comfortable than slacks or anything tight, for that matter. Get them as dark as they come,and then dress them up, down, and all around.

2. Ankle Jeans

Jeans that hit the ankle can be really tricky, but if you get the right pair, you’ll be as happy as a clam. With very high heels, they look positively cute, and with flats, they are casual without having to be rolled up -- and that means they look much more trim.

3. Trendy Blue Jeans

Get a colored pair of jeans that meet the hot color of the season for less. This season, bright blue and bright green are two hot colors, especially in ankle jeans and skinnies. If you have a limited budget, look into Old Navy jeans (the Rockstar variety) in a lot of different colors.

4. Cowboy Bootcut

Think jeans with contrast stitching, in a deep indigo blue with a little bit of stretch for the right fit. The best way to give these jeans a cowboy flair, though, is to wear them with boots or a bandana. Other options include gingham, plaid, and stretch poplin shirts with snaps. Oh -- and the pearly buttons.

5. Black Rinse Chambray Jeans

Chambray jeans are lighter than regular denim, which means that they are perfect for traveling, hot summers, and wearing as super-wide legged styles with Toms, slip-ons, clogs, or sandals. I love them in the summer, but they are also fabulous to drag out during the winter with thick socks, heavy ‘70s-style wrap sweaters, and moccasins, too.

6. Rolled-Up Straight Legged Jeans

Roll ‘em up, roll ‘em down! There’s nothing nicer than a pair of straight-leg jeans worn with simple flats, a cardigan, and gauzy top. I am partial to the faded style, but you know what? Anything goes when you have a casual pair of jeans on hand -- or at least, you can certainly get away with more when you’re going casual.

7. Ultra-Curvy Fit Jeans

Embrace your curves in a pair of jeans that combine deep curves with a fun, belled hemline and a lower-on-the-hip sling. Yes, you might have trouble coming up with the right footwear (it’s never easy), but with the right picks, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time. I love Talbots’ curviest pairs of jeans, although I also wouldn’t turn down a pair from Old Navy, GAP, or even Ann Taylor.

8. White Jeans

Any style, as long as they are white, light, and right! White jeans are easy to find and usually on sale, and they’re not so difficult to track down if you have an eye for sales. Since white denim definitely sells faster than the colored stuff, you know that you’ll quickly be able to find a price that’s right.

9. No Belt-Loops Jeans

Sailor jeans, flat-front trouser pants, plain-front pants... they’re all in the no-belt-loops category, and therefore welcome here. Jeans without belt loops have a particularly clean look that works well for tight tops, fitted blouses, and longline tees.

10. Faux-Jeans

There are a lot of fine-wale corduroys that actually look like jeans, and I think that they’re a great compromise if you aren’t quite sure you’ll ever love denim (yes, there are people like that out there!). Look for corduroys with a bit of stretch -- the worst part about some cords is the rumple-factor.

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