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Access photo galleries covering plus-size designers, runway collections, current fashion trends, and more. Get sneak peeks into plus-size retailers and their newest lines for sizes 14 and up.
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Dresses and Skirts for Fall 2007
Get a list of plus-sized dresses and skirts for every plus-sized woman out there.

Dressy Looks for Fall
Do you have a new job? Are you headed out on a special work event this fall? Take a look at these dressier selections for work and for cocktail events that I've found in plus-size online shops.

Fall/Winter Trend: Long Coat with Leggings
Try out a long coat with leggings, boots, and a statement hat.

Fall/Winter Trend: Outfit with Black Leggings
Try out your black plus-size leggings with the perfect wardrobe basics.

Fashion Ledge
Get access to runway videos and designer profiles for a diverse group of designers.

Loungewear Round-Up
Loungewear for plus-size women is getting lighter, brighter, and far more shapely. Wear yours around the house, but don't forget that many of these pieces will work perfectly on a casual day trip to the market or park.

Plus Sized Denim Jeans Under $70
Try these plus-sized jeans under $70 for a budget-friendly look.

Plus-Size Brands for Summer: Igigi.com
Igigi.com is always on track with the right looks for plus-size women. Shop here for sizes up to 32, and regular sales to boot!

Plus-Size Purse Essentials
Purses every plus-size fashionista needs for spring.

Plus-Size Shops and Labels
Try these plus-size shops and labels to build your wardrobe and add trendy pieces to your collection!

Plus-Sized Jackets for All Body Types
Try these plus sized jackets for all body types. Get outerwear that works for apple, pear, busty, and athletic shapes, many for under $50.

Spring 2008 Styles
These plus-size spring items are great for casual wear and for the office. Mix and match to find the right styles for you.

Style.com Fashion Shows
Browse fashion shows to get the latest on big designers, and then read runway reviews to get up to speed on the newest looks of the season.

Browse innovative collections from international designers. Get inspired by new designs from Megan Salmon, Anna Krsinic, Jacki Peters, and more.

Fashion to Figure Tour
Learn about Fashion to Figure with this gallery.

9 Dressy High Heel Alternatives

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