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Shapewear Tips and Tricks

Marcy Ito from Hips and Curves Gives Us Advice On Shapewear


Shapewear Tips and Tricks
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Since I get a lot of mail from plus women wondering why shapewear could be a good buy, I wanted to ask an expert what makes this lingerie so important for our wardrobes, and for our self-esteem. After checking out Hips and Curves, I had the opportunity to get some lingerie tips from representative Marcy Ito.

Q: How has shapewear changed over the years?

A: The shapewear of today is more versatile, comfortable and stylish. With all of the innovations in fabrics and manufacturing techniques, shapewear has become much more than a supportive undergarment. Shapewear gives you a sleek, sexy figure, smoothes out those lumps and bumps, eliminates panty lines and gives your derriere (and your confidence!) an extra boost.

Q: Shapewear can be considered an investment when we're facing budget restrictions. Why is shapewear a justifiable purchase for any season?

A: In a time when it’s possible to spend a fortune on "body-sculpting" plastic surgery, shapewear offers an affordable, fun and safe way to smooth and shape curves with less risk and less expense. Why go under the knife and into debt when shapewear offers an inexpensive way to look your best under your favorite outfit? With the right shapewear you can wear that perfectly divine form-fitting dress, clingy top or sleek skirt with confidence.

Q: How would you recommend wearing shapewear for evenings?

A: Everyone needs a LBD (little black dress) in their wardrobe, so [you can always] try a light control slip with high heels and a strand of pearls. Some shapewear is actually substantial and stylish enough to be worn on its own. You will look sophisticated and feel completely supported.

[If you] need to update your look for a night on the town, [you can] enhance your silhouette and emphasize your waist by layering a sexy waist nipper over a white button up shirt or a billowy jersey dress. Although most people wear shapewear under their clothes, if you are creative, it can be just as sexy on the outside as it is underneath.

Q: Some people feel that shapewear can't be sexy. As a representative from a lingerie company, can you tell us which pieces you think are the best?

A: Nothing screams "sex appeal" like a garter belt and stockings. Try a waist cincher or garter belt with your favorite bra. Smooth shaping garter belts and waist nipping cinchers with garters are perfect if you want the seductive powers of a garter belt with the support of shapewear. When you want more than a wispy piece of lace, a garter belt or cincher made with Powernet and Lycra gives you the support you need without sacrificing sex appeal.

Q: Do have any other suggestions for shapewear-based looks?

A: [Well], the bodysuit is back on the runways and ready to make its way back into your wardrobe! Try a lacy body briefer or floral body briefer with slacks or a high waisted pencil skirt for something sexy and sophisticated.

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