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8 Ways to Reduce That Tummy Bulge

Fashion Tips to Keep You Looking Great


Are you an apple shape? Have you had children and now have a slight belly? Do you have a little roll that you'd like to reduce? Here's the place to find out how, with plus-friendly fashion tricks just for you.

1. Full Skirts

Find a full skirt that you wear at the very smallest point on your waist. If you nip that waist in right at the smallest point, you tummy bulge will be hidden underneath gathered fabric. For the most flattering effect, wear that skirt right to your knees to keep from weighing you down.

2. High-Waisted Panties

While low-riders are great for under jeans and for the gym, sometimes you need to invest in a high-waisted brief. Instead of "cutting" your midsection in two, you'll have a smooth line from your legs onwards.

3. Creative Camisoles

Purchase a cami with some spandex stretch for layering. All you need to do to add smoothness is layer a lightweight tank underneath a clinging top. With a slight spray of anti-cling (such as Static Guard), and your clothes will float around you.

4. Wear Cinch-Bottom Tops

Try tops with a "band" at the low waist. If you slightly tug the top upwards to rest on your high hips, you'll have a loose layer of fabric around your midsection that accommodates and disguises your midsection woes.

5. Try a Trapeze Dress

Add shape to any a-line dress by belting high on your waist. You dress will fall straight out from the belt, hiding all lower tummy bulges. For optimum effect, do not wear a dress in cotton jersey: wear one in a stiff fabric or more substantial fabric such as a wool blend or 100% cotton calico.

6. Find Wide-Legged Jeans

Wide-legged jeans often have higher rises, and that's good. If you choose a heavyweight denim in a darker color, you can hide plenty of belly angst. Try on a longer top to complete the look.

7. Maximize That Bust

Covet any top that hugs your curves up above and then flares down below. If you make the most of your upper body, then people won't be looking at your waistline, anyway. Choose tops with a smocked upper section to maximize your bust.

8. Love Your Minimizers

While I'm not a regular wearer of body shapers, they're an important way for you to reduce that belly. I've found that the most comfortable body shapers are those with a fine-gauge knit, such as Connie Elder and Spanx.
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