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Tips for Finding Tops That Fit Large Arms

Fit Hints for the Plus Woman


Tips for Finding Tops That Fit Large Arms

This style top has a comfortable fit and is generous in the arms.

Photo (c) Igigi

Tops may not always be available with extra-generous arm sizing for plus fits, but you can "make it work" with a few tweaks and a good eye for style.

Check out these tips for the right plus fit:

Arm Fit for Comfort: I know what it’s like to have your sleeves fit uncomfortably. One easy solution is wearing kimono or dolman sleeves, which don’t quite "cut in" under the arm as much as usual tops. They are often made out of soft jersey, which stretches nicely. I found a great one from IGIGI, shown.

Troubleshoot: Are you petite? You may find that your tops don't fit particularly comfortably when they're designed for woman 5'4" or less. Consider careful layering to mask fit difficulties: if you wear a structured vest with a similarly colored long top underneath, you’ll look coordinated and you’ll feel more comfortable.

  • Branch Out: I also suggest heading to unexpected shops no matter what your age! Push yourself to try some "youth-oriented" shops like Torrid or a classic shop like Lane Bryant. The shape is more modern and the price point is attractive.
  • Shop Tips: You can purchase plenty of stretchy, comfortable tees from a store like Old Navy and mix-and match colors with your "shells." Old Navy is releasing a new collection online, too, so it will be even easier for you to find good tops.

Fit: I would really recommend shopping for tops with a little extra "swing," such as trapeze tops or empire-waisted shirts.

Experiment! If you can't find lots of tops that work well, branch out by expanding your repertoire with fun boots, skirts, and hats.

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