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Get Longer Legs

Look Long and Lean with These Tips


Get Longer Legs
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How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Not all of us were born with long legs-- although a lot of us feel like we should. Many plus-sized women appear to be statuesque, but in reality, plenty of us are in the mid five-foot range, or just blessed with a longer torso, making your legs look lean can be very important. Here's how to make your legs look longer and your whole frame look leaner.

Avoid the cuff.

Cuffed jeans or trousers visually shorter the leg, which can make you look shorter and stouter. If you must cuff your jeans, try to wear a top that hits at the waist-- a tunic will shave extra inches off your height.

Look for a low-high combination between the waistband and pockets.

Take a look at the backs of your jeans carefully before purchasing. If there's a dropped or wider waistband and low-slung pockets, you'll make your legs look shorter. Try to find jeans with larger but traditionally-placed pockets to make your rear look smaller, and with a medium-thick waistband.

Think slim.

Slimmer jeans (not extra wide leg) will help to make your legs look longer. Try to show off a bit of their shape, even if it's just at the hip.

Remember what goes on top.

Long tops can really drag down an outfit, because they will visually elongate your torso and shorten your legs. If you need slightly longer tops for comfort, try them with a band along the bottom to fit close to the body.

Shoes can make or break your look.

Think the same color as your trousers, with a slightly pointed toe. Low-heeled pumps will do wonders, especially if you add a cushy lining to protect your feet.

Think color.

Dressing in all one color will make you look taller, but be sure to add in some accents to avoid a monochromatic look that comes off as uninteresting. Try a navy boatneck sweater, for example, with wide-legged sailor jeans in dark blue, but with a cute red hat or clutch!

Lastly, posture matters.

Breathe. Tucking your belling in and pulling yourself wonders. I feel like I'm “shrinking” behind my desk, but I can quickly fix that with a special foam lumbar pillow to keep my posture in check.

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