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Plus Sized Spring Dresses

Trendy Looks for Spring


This has turned out to be a part two continuation of our last spring look articles. . . I hope you enjoy taking a look at all the great looks awaiting you in spring 2008. I'm still looking for trendy plus pieces, and I know I'm not alone. Here are some pieces I recommend to get you started!

1. Lingerie Inspired Dresses

Transparent is certainly not the easiest trend to pull off, but lingerie-inspired items can take a variety of forms. Instead of the spaghetti strapped, light-as-air versions we saw on the runways, try something in lace, for example, in a silhouette that best flatters you.
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2. Ombre Items

Dip-dyedpieces really made their mark on the spring 2008 runways, and so can your new dress. We saw it in all colors of the rainbow, from navy-meets-juicy reds to wonderful peaches, oranges, and blues. Take your pick-- there's nothing amiss with any.
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3. Tie-Dyed Pieces

Ombre and tie dye in the same season? Oh, yes! Take your pick between subtly faded colors and full-on brights this spring, with plenty of choices for both. I've found some interesting tie-dyed pieces in white and blue as well, so you don't need to embrace the rainbow palette just yet if you don't want to.
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4. Neon Frocks

I chose neon with the belief that we can truly work this into our wardrobe, no matter how challenging it looks. I'm fully convinced that a vibrant yellow or a fun pink can work very much in our favor. I've linked here to yellow dresses, which are quire wearable indeed.
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5. White Dresses

White always sounds right, wouldn't you agree? It's light and bright, and it works for all occasions. I've been spotting so many plus white-plus-pattern dresses that I'm sure you'll find something you love. If white's not for you in the day-to-day, try a white beach cover-up instead.
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6. Neutrals

Possibly the friendliest of all, neutrals are here and very in for spring 2008. Aim for a khaki shirtdress, a tan swing skirt, or a pencil piece in taupe, and then marry it to a ditsy floral to top things off.
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