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Spring Fashion Tips


Spring Fashion Tips

Wide-width sandals don't need to be uncomfortable, and they certainly don't need to be boring!

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Nothing is forbidden in plus-size fashion. We just need to get creative and figure out a way to make the same trends work for us! It's not so hard if you spend a little time experimenting after reading these tips. This spring, we'll reclaim florals, chiffon, and bows-- with perfect style.

Choose a Floral That Flatters

Florals are a great way to spruce things up for spring. Even if it's raining (or snowing, for that matter), you can still choose bright patterns to keep things light. I've been seeing some great ones over at Evans London recently, as well as Fashion to Figure.

  • Body Type Advice for Florals: Consider your body type when choosing florals. If you have a larger frame, consider medium prints if you're going to wear an all-over patterned dress. Or, if you love larger florals, try a top that has a few scattered near the neck, bodice, or waistline.

How to Do the "Bow Thing"

Bows can be difficult to pull off, but not impossible. Before you start thinking, "I'm Too Old," consider vintage lacquer pins as brooches or a pair of heels with a small leather tie. They're not young, just feminine, and can look utterly sophisticated.

  • Style Tip: Tops with bows should be avoided if you have a full bust. If you have a larger upper bow, but you just can't part with the frills, choose light lace as an accent instead.

The Sleeveless Jacket is Key:

Coats without sleeves can be daunting. Think about this, though: if you're an apple shape and have longer, slimmer legs and arms, you will look completely chic in a sleeveless coat come spring. Try one on- I think you'll like it.

Huge Heels:

Many of us feel like heels are necessary for fashionista status. That's up to you, but balancing your weight on two stiletto sticks. If you just love heels, marry yourself to a pair that towers but at least has a cushioned footbed and balance from a platform or wedge type heel.

T-Strap Shoes:

You can get the t-strap look even if you have large ankles and calves. T-strap shoes have a great profile and often very elegantly shaped toes. If you love your t-straps, but don't know what to wear them with, try slim, vintage inspired trousers instead of dresses.

Time to get shopping, then!

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