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Plus-Size Style Suggestions - The White Shirt


Everyone says you need a button-up white shirt, but what if you already have one? This is the list of what you should consider if you already have that standby piece.

1. Black V-Neck Shirt

Ah, the black v-neck. It's a great neckline for pendants and other heavy necklaces, and it's the kind of timeless piece you want to wear when you have to layer and you don't want to overwhelm your top half. V-necks come in a lot of different types of necklines, from deep dips to mini v-types, so you don't have to worry that they don't flatter.

2. Wrap Blouse in White

Boxy white button-downs, begone! Wrap blouses are the way to go when you want to cinch your waist and add some extra shape to your regular white top. If tucking everything in doesn’t appeal and you’re not a stretchy top person, a wrap blouse works wonders. Keep your eye out for tops that can just be layered over the waistline of your skirt – oooh, and one with pearly buttons would be great, too.

3. Pearl-Button Blouse

If you can’t find this and you are a little handy, you can always just buy the buttons yourself and pop them on a blouse of your choice. Pearl buttons are inexpensive when they’re faux pearls (and they look the same), so shop around for the best deal and whip out your sewing kit for the final flair! DIY forever.

4. Gauzy Blouse

Gauzy blouses are great when you're short on time and need a stylish solution: you can simply dunk it in the sink or in a bucket, hang it up to dry overnight, and wear it the next day. I have a few sheer blouses that I keep in heavy rotation each season, and they aren't just easy care -- they never fade and they wear like a dream.

5. Shrug

You could always use another shrug, couldn't you? One in black for the winter is a nice start, and then? Blue, coral, or green for summer would be nice to try out and see how they work out. I've also located a simple pattern on BurdaStyle that works well for even beginner sewers.

6. Colorful Crew Neck

Layer up on tissue-weight tees in a collection of rainbow colors! Yellow, blue, red, pink, and more are great to have on hand and pair with jeans and skirts of your choice -- and perhaps under a jumper dress if you prefer something layered and unexpected.

7. Patterned Pussy-Bow Blouse

You know I love those pussy-bow blouses! A long, looped bow can take the place of heavier jewelry when you are traveling, and it also looks great with a pencil skirt for a "sexy secretary" kind of effect. While you might not like too much fuss around the neckline, I would consider this top one of the most flattering for heavier busts -- and most affordable to find. I also love these blouses with jeans.

8. Sweater with a Detachable Collar

If you have a sweater with a detachable collar, then you can maintain your wardrobe with less -- less in your closet and less money. It also makes cleaning less complicated, particularly if the sweater is made from fur or something else heavy.

9. Long, Stretchy Tank

Keep everything in place with a stretchy tank.

10. Nude Foundation Top

A nude foundation top can be easily found and purchased, but are you getting the most out of yours? You can layer, yes, but have you layered it underneath a dress as an anti-slip selection, worn it as a sweat wicker underneath workout tees, or as a modesty top underneath something wide necklines and sloppy shoulders?

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