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Custom Plus-Size Denim Sources


If you need a pair of custom jeans, head to these very useful sites to start your search for the Perfect Pair of Jeans. If it doesn't get you there, it will get you closer.

1. I Love Jeans

Less made-to-order and more intuitive shop planning, the "BodyType Guide" is very useful for those of us who need to plan a great fit for plus jeans.

2. Land's End Custom Jeans

You can "build" a pair of jeans from scratch here, but don't expect any fancy washes or trendy styles. They're pretty no-nonsense over at Land's End, but it's great for those who are looking for a true classic jean cut.

3. Make Your Own Jeans

The slogan says it all: "People are not mass-produced; why should their jeans be?!" My thoughts exactly. I love their "Clone a Jeans" option, which allows you to send in a pair of jeans for them to copy-- very useful for high-end jeans.

4. Right Fit Jeans

These custom jeansare specialized for multiple body types provide an excellent feel and fit. Pre-designed jeans can be helpful if you're feeling strapped for creativity: no need to add special washes or findings to these jeans.

5. Zafu

Zafu offers one of the more intelligent sizing options, but may ask you so many detailed questions that your results are relatively few. It's worth the wait if you do get matches, as you'll be given close results to cut down your research-time.
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