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Casual Ensembles

Are you looking for help when creating weekend outfits? Browse through tips on choosing plus-size jeans and tees and get sizing hints for the perfect fit. Check out the most popular online shopping sources for casual gear.

November Etsy Picks, Part I
Etsy November Plus-Size Picks

Plus-Size Vintage Etsy Guide
Find all the details about vintage Etsy finds on About Plus-Size here.

Etsy Vintage Dresses - Plus-Sized
Check out these plus-size dresses from Etsy from the second week of September!

6 Fit Tips for Plus-Size Jeans
Plus-size denim fit tips have never been easier. If you're stuck on the right look for you, take this opportunity to discover what's best-- and fast.

Budget Basic Tops
Take a look at these Budget Basic Tops to find the right one for you!

How to Get a Sex and the City Look, No Matter What Your Size
Looking forward to Sex and the City? Me too. If you're feeling inspired to rock a new look in the style of these fashion plates, you're not alone. Even though we're all a little more luscious than the sizes on SATC, we can still steal their style.

Plus-Size Denim Sources
If you need a pair of custom jeans, head to these very useful sites to start your search for the Perfect Pair of Jeans. If it doesn't get you there, it will get you closer.

Plus-Size Palazzo and Gaucho Pants
Palazzo and gaucho pants have me surprised. While we love, love, love those wide-legged jeans and trousers, some of us are a little more apprehension towards gaucho and palazzo trousers. Let's look at some pieces that will definitely work this season, as well as two fail-safe longer shorts.

Plus-Size Quick Fixes
This list of quick fashion fixes is meant to be an easy reference for those of us with quick wardrobe issues who'd like to look their best.

Plus-Sized Coats for All Body Types
Get a plus-sized coat for your body type this winter.

Plus-Sized Swimsuit Sources
Get a glimpse at some of my go-to shops online that feature swimsuits for full-figured ladies.

Spring 2008 Wide Width Shoes
These styles for spring 2008 are wide width, and that means that they are much more comfortable than your usual shoes. Let's get our slacks and skirts looking great with these comfy slip-ons for the trek to work, nights out with the girls, and for putting our best foot forward in general.

Summertime Cover-Ups
When summer rolls around, we often reach for a t-shirt as a beach cover-up. Here are just a couple things to try when you hit the beach, so you can look trendy, stylish, and sexy all in one.

Trouser Fit Tips
I recently sat down with JCPenney to learn about what they're doing for plus women this year, and they listed some important jeans, trouser, and general pant fit tips.

What to Pack for a Cruise
Packing for cruises used to be a herculean endeavor, with a maximum of 350 pounds of luggage taken on board! When cruises were getting streamlined in the '20s and '30s, women still carried hat boxes, shoe boxes, wardrobe trunks, and heavy, non-wheeled suitcases filled to the brim with evening gowms. Women today have it so much easier, and...

10 Plus Size Maxi Dresses To Get You Through Summer

Fashionable "Add-On" That Will Give You Instant Style
Plus size article on plus size fashionable "Add-Ons" That Will Make Your Outfit Pop.

7 Dresses You Need This Summer
Plus size article on finding plus size dress for summer occasions, such as brunch, festivals, bbqs, weddings, the park, and the office.

10 Sweaters to Transition You Into Fall
10 Plus Size Sweaters to Transition You Into your fall wardrobe.

Verbal Tees That You Need
Plus size verbal tees with memes, snarky saying, and retro references in plus sizes.

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