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Top Sources for Discount Office Wear


Having trouble choosing plus-size clothes that work well in the office? Look no further than my Top Picks, which I used to put my spring wardrobe together for a lot less than full price. Read on for the best online shopping sources for plus-size women, and top pieces from each.

1. Igigi

Igigi offers a list of trendy separates that you can browse to accent your work wardrobe. All of the plus-size apparel in their trend section corresponds with their handy trend list, which make browsing a snap.

2. Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure has excellent tops with summery appeal. With one of their simple blazers, you can mix-and-match lots of different combinations to take your budget-friendly wardrobe far. Plain tops have details like wide belts and soft sheer fabric that can add interest under your simple jackets.

3. Size Appeal

Size Appeal's dresses are perfect for the fashionable plus-size woman. They are cut with plus-size shoulders and busts in mind, so halter styles have full side bust coverage and a smooth appearance over the bust.

Slightly more subdued colors like deep yellow and peach will add a light, summery effect to your office wear. Wear yours with heels and sophisticated jewelry to keep your simple dress professional. This can be very useful when you need to head from work to the office, and fast.

4. Alight.com

Plus-size pants can be hard to find. They're usually cut in a relaxed fit, but that's not necessarily the best for the workplace. If you're looking for something a little more professional and dressy, Alight.com's selection is key. Choose from gauchos, which are best worn with a little wedge sandal, and slimmer trendy trousers in fruit tones and juicy colors.

5. Blair

Blair's a very affordable plus-size source with an emphasis on basics. While you'll find simple jackets in a variety of vintage-inspired silhouettes for under $20, don't forget that these blazers will look perfect with a simple silk shell or patterned romantic tee.

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