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Budget Fashion

Get your plus-size clothing and accessories on a budget. Stay stylish by checking out online discount sources, local discount fashion stores, and even DIY projects.

Shop for Plus-Size Etsy Dresses
Access this list of top plus-size vintage dresses and more!

Layaway and Plus-Size Clothes
In this User Answer, About Plus-Size wants to know about you and layaway. Do you use it?

8 Budget Shopping Tips for Plus-Sized Women
Get new plus-sized shopping tips to help you get the right look for less.

Black Friday Myths
Are you a plus-size shopper--any shopper--looking for a bargain? Black Friday myths are everywhere, and I thought it might be a good time to take a look at why some people believe that post-Thanksgiving shopping here in the United States is a bad idea.

Budget Basic Tops
Take a look at these Budget Basic Tops to find the right one for you!

Dressy Looks for Fall
Do you have a new job? Are you headed out on a special work event this fall? Take a look at these dressier selections for work and for cocktail events that I've found in plus-size online shops.

How to Buy JCPenney Plus Pieces Online
Here's how to shop online at JCPenney: get tips and tricks to find plus-size pieces.

How to Buy Plus Trousers That Fit Perfectly
Finding plus-size jeans that fit can be challenging. Check out these trouser tips that can make it much easier for you to go to a professional to have your jeans shaped perfectly.

New Year Resolution Buys
Shopping? Browsing? Looking for a resolutions jump-start? Here's what I chose to get me ready to face 2009.

Plus-Size Clothing Sales
Being budget conscious has never been more important, but we still need to shop for things like school clothes, work items, and casual gear.

Plus-Size Clothing Sales
Are you a plus-size bargain hunter? Just looking for a place to buy plus-size items at major retailers as well as specialty shops--but at a deep discount? Look for pieces that offer attractive mark-downs with these tips.

Plus-Size Quick Tips
Do you feel like your wardrobe is falling flat? Here's how to pep things up in your closet, and breathe life into a tired wardrobe.

Tips for Guilt-Free Shopping
Are you looking for good tips for shopping and still saving money? Take advantage of money-saving suggestions that can keep you shopping this season.

Top 5 Sources for Discount Plus-Size Office Wear
Having trouble choosing plus-size clothes that work well in the office? Look no further than my Top Picks, which I used to put my spring wardrobe together for a lot less. Read on for the best online shopping sources for plus-size women, and top pieces from each.

Shop for Samples Online
Are you in love with sample sale goodies like purses, accessories, and the odd home decoration item? Here are your links, all in one place.

Plus-Size Clearance Sales for Full-Figured Women

I have a thing for sales, and I am always after the top full-figured clearance deals. Some websites offer low price points, but their items are lower quality to begin with. This list of favorite plus sales is where I know I can always get a deal.

Achieve The Plus Size Boho With These Brands & These Tips
Article featuring where to find plus size boho brands such as Rachel Pally, Alloy, Neiman Marcus and tips on how to wear the plus size boho trend.

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