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Plus-Size Fashion Advice


Need some guidance in the fashion world? Step right up!

1. Do You Agree - No Fitted Shirts?!

"I think that plus size women should avoid wearing non printed shirts. If you wear a shirt that has a nice fit at the breast and flow to fit your hips you will set of a fashion statement. Another thing, always wear shirts with some type of print in it. It take away the attention from your stomach and the size of your breast."


2. Cap Sleeves

"Cap sleeves if you have large arms. I have really big arms and feel like cap sleeves make me look like my arms are 3x bigger than they were to begin with."


3. The Fat Shirt

"I cannot stand how some large women will wear those shirts that I like to call token fat shirts, they have prints so chaotic they make you sick, are made of that cheap silky polyester, and sometimes have layers of embellishments, and they fit like a tent. As a big woman I always wanna walk up to my fellow plus size divas and give them an instant makeover."


4. Where to Begin?!

"Go people watching for ONE hour in the city and you will see sooo many examples - first - just because something comes in your size doesn't mean that you should get it. I'm all about people expressing themselves through clothing, but realize that you are taking attention away from yourself and putting it onto your body when you wear certain clothes that were not meant for you. Like spaghetti strap shirts when you have huge arms, or short when you have fat, cellulite-y legs. This is not positive attention. Also, Wear a one piece bathing suit, no one wants to see the rolls hanging out on the beach. Wear a skirted bathing suit if you are more comfortable covering up your thighs. And a PROPER-FITTED BRA!!!! I see this mistake SO many times - this can make such a HUGE difference! Saggy boobs are a no-no! Your clothes will fit better and you will feel better. Overall, just buy clothes that cover you up and FIT you. Don't go by the size, go by what fits, even if it's a size up."


5. Pink Marshmallows!

"wearing baby pink dresses and tops is a absolute no no. It makes plus size woman look like gaint mashmellows."


6. Bec Disagrees About Prints

"I disagree with —Guest Sierra Done Prints make a person look larger especially when worn on top. I think the worst mistake is when you seen young plus size women wearing granny clothing it looks sad. I am 18 and a size 16-18 and still wear fashionable clothing online stores like dreamdiva, torrid and citychic have great fab plus size clothes that are unique and fashionable and you def wont find them in the plus size granny section of big W! Dress for your shape not size that what I say."


7. Not Adjusting Your Size to Meet Changes in Your Life

"The Worst Fashion Mistake I see women make is not accepting their size. One woman who had gained weight denied it by wearing her old clothes - not appealing at all. Try to look at yourself with acceptance and realism. Then dress you as you are. I hate pictures of me or mirrors, but I don't want things hanging out either! You are a good person regardless of your size - dress to flatter that good person."


8. NOT Wearing What Flatters You

"Everyone thinks what looks good on them is the only good thing. Choose a good color first, then find what is appropriate for the occasion (job, church, dates), then proper fitting garments from skin ot. I have serious asthma and (Gasp) do not always wear a bra. If I'm having "issues" with the lungs, a bra gives me the feeling that a rock has landed on my chest. So, before you point and jeer, recall teh famous saying from Dear Abby, MYOB. Cordially, Nehmah"


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