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Plus-size Modeling Hopefuls - Their Stories, Part 2


I recently published a bunch of stories from readers who are looking to be models, and now I am exploring my second batch. These hopefuls show how important it is to change your outlook and changes your life. Many of them struggled with self-esteem until they changed their thinking.

1. Great Looks and Personality - Guest C.

"Because why not? I'm 5"11 with long legs and blond hair. I'm 210 lbs and I am constantly getting told to go into plus size modeling and hey, I figure, why not? It's a unique career which matches my personality and I think I'd be really good at it. Photography has always been a hobby of mine so I think it'd be cool to be on the other side of the camera, you know? I'd really love to give it my best shot and if it works out, it works out and if it doesn't, well that just means modeling isn't really my thing. Would love to try it though. If anyone has any good tips for beginners, they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much."

2. She Has a Cause: Guest M.

"I am beautiful and want to show it to everybody! Plus I need money to help stray animals from my origin country, Romania, and there are plenty of them. Making a living of my beauty is a good way to earn money for those wretched animals and poor children in my country."

3. A Change In Attitude: Guest E.

"I am a size 18/20 5'7 THICK goddess at the age of 18 years old. I believe in confidence, and I embrace all curvy women. At first I didn't think I had what it took to be a model because I'm not a size 2! But now that I am older I have done runway in high school. I am now looking for the chance to represent for all of the plus size women. I believe that I have what it takes!"

4. She Has What It Takes: Guest H.

"I belive i have what it takes to be a plus size model, im 5'8 1/2 and wear a 16. Im classy and very proper. I love the way i look, and get plenty of compliments for my looks and have been told several times i could be a model. My pictures are never the same each picture looks different from the other. Im confident in myself and believe i have what it takes, and being a mother of six i get told i look really good. I would love the chance to prove myself, and show what im made of, plus i believe it supports women who are plus size and think they cant be a model."

5. It's Her Passion: Guest N.

"I have the body, the looks, the attitude, the smile and everything else that is needed from a model. It's just that I'm a size 36-38 and that's the only reason I'm not on the modeling ramp right now. I did beauty contest growing up and all that changed as I grew older and gained weight. I'm 25 years old and modeling is my passion. I know it is,I have it all."

6. Even Her Walk Is Ready: Guest S.

"I feel I have what it takes to make it in the modeling industry and Im ready to take my career to the next level but with you alls help of course! I want to show women and young girls you dont have to be a size 6 to be beautiful or even sexy! Show them that there are women of color that can be successful in this field! I also know that modeling isnt just about a pretty face but how well you can sell a product! I just want the opportunity to show yall that I can be an asset to the company! I have a killer runway walk and Im ready to introduce myself to the world!!!"

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