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Where to Buy Your Budget Accessories

Top Sources for Goodies Under $20


I have a few favorite places to buy accessories, but like many plus-size women, I rely on them when I may have difficulty finding something that fits just right. Sometimes, it's so much easier to simply grab a trendy purse and go.

1. Wet Seal

I love all of the simple accessories at Wet Seal that are trendy enough t o get you through the season, but not expensive enough to make you stress every time you put them on. Wear your Wet Seal accessories well, because since they start at $5 a pop, you can get more next season, anyway.

2. Forever 21

Great deals (including two-for-one specials) and lots of celebrity-inspired pieces for the young fashionista in all of us.

3. Target

Honestly, who doesn't love Target? They're cheap, they're trendy, and their collections just keep getting better and better. Plus-size women will love their purses in a variety of shapes to flatter every body type, not to mention their fantastic shoes in sizes up to 11, and they're usually grouped according to season trend.

4. Claire's

Yes, Claire's is a pretty "young" site, but that makes it perfect for gifts and the trendy seasonal piece. Bright colors abound.


ASOS may be a UK-based site, but they're still affordable for US shoppers. They stock plenty of fashion-forward handbags, scarves, and shoes, too. You can find lots of sales near the end of each season with discounts of up to 75 percent off. You'll feel inspired to dress more stylishly and a little bit younger after checking out their choice celeb pictures and "inspired by" designs. have fun.

6. H&M

H&M carries lots of bright, shiny pieces that you'll adore. There are pieces to fit every budget, and you can find an H&M in plenty of locations if you want to check things out in person.
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