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How to Choose a Hat for Plus-Size Women


Would you wear thigh-high boots if you were petite? If you consider your body type when you're choosing boots, why not hats?

If you're not taking advantage of hats yet, you're missing out on an opportunity to flatter your individual style and your body type.

Know Your General Hat Rules

Get familiar with the basic guidelines for hat wearing. You'll feel more comfortable if you are looking great when you wear your cap.

  • Petite frame: Look for slightly smaller hats without a large brim, such as a floppy beret or a newsboy cap with a larger brim shape as well.
  • Tip: You don't want to wear a hat that fits too closely to the body. Instead, aim for something well proportioned and shapely.

  • Taller bodies: Try out hats with a wider or floppier brim--you can pull it off.
  • Style NoteDid you know that fedoras are the most difficult shape to pull off? Hats should never have a crown that's smaller than your cheekbones. If you're looking for a hat with vintage appeal, newsboy hats and cloches work better for almost everybody.

    Check the "balance" of your hat.

    • Your hat should look in sync with your shoulders. Brims are very important.

    Pay attention to your face shape. 14+ women don't all have round faces, and our hat selection should reflect that.

    • Long Face? Narrow brims can emphasize the length of your face, so stick to hats with softer brims that either flop or curl upwards slightly.
    • Oval Face? Experiment! If you're not sure what hats will work for you, browse through plus-size catalogs and find a model with similar facial structure to yours who's wearing a hat. Find one that's similar in color and style in the shops to flatter yourself.
    • Do you have a round face? Don't worry. While you'll want to stay away from hats that are too soft or round, you can wear hats with more angular shapes to contrast with your face shape.
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