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Colors to Wear: Fall 2012


Color trends are fascinating, but they can be hard to pin down. For fall 2012, I had a look at what Pantone (linked below) was suggesting, and then put my own spin on it.

1. Rhubarb

Rosy red and a little bit brown, this color is a stunning combination when you’re on the search for a print. Blue-and-rhubarb are great for any season, and it looks tremendous with brown accessories. Rhubarb is an unusual colors, so try the red-brown family if you feel stumped. Jazz things up with red accents like a scarf or shoes. Why It’s a Good Pick: This rich colors is a nice departure from those tricky-to-pull off pastels and whites that roll around come spring. It also looks great with green accessories, which emphasize the richness of this fine color. Gold jewelry is also welcome.

2. Tangerine

I was surprised to find out that tangerine was actually the go-to guys’ color for fall 2012. What?! I want to steal this back from the boys as soon as I can! The natural choice would be a blouse, tee, or tank to kick things off, but I’m tempted to go the extra mile and buy a pair of tangerine cigarette pants. Even if I do buy them, matching them to…anything will be a true challenge.   Why It’s a Good Pick: Tangerine and other citrus-type colors are fresh and bright – perfect for mixing in a sherbet sundae. If you crave neons, this might be an easily way to incorporate color into your wardrobe.

3. Gold

Another color that you probably won’t actually need to purchase this season. You can scrounge up a gold dress, a gold tunic, or possibly a sweet gold clutch, and call it a day. If you love metallics (and some of us really do), I recommend taking the opportunity to layer on the gold and corresponding bronze and silver.   Why It’s a Good Pick: Gold is fun to wear and dresses anything up. While a lot of us think about gold as simply “adding accessories” or adding a pop of metallic, going all-out in a long, glam, gold gown must be done once. If you hate gold, insert another metallic in there instead.

4. Green (like chartreuse)

Light green! Love it. Chartreuse? It’s trickier, but not impossible. Greens are fresh and springy, perfect for warmer months, and green brings out the red tones in auburn tresses wonderfully. Look for it in stripes and geometrics instead of the obvious florals. Even a chartreuse belt would be an interesting touch.   Why It’s a Good Pick: I’ve met few women who have a signature color of green. Purple, pink, blue, or black, yes, but green? It’s less common. While a flattering color, and an interesting one at that, there are still a lot of women out there who haven’t adopted it yet as a wow-factor color.

5. Grey (Titanium)

This is a “man’s color,” according to Pantone, but I have my doubts that it should stay there. Much as I am admiring those ‘80s-colored leather boots and belts, I am also drawn to grey slacks and dresses. In our black-centric work wardrobes, grey actually seems like a breath of fresh air. I’d like it light and perhaps unexpectedly mixed with a contrasting pattern.   Why It’s a Good Pick: Work clothes that get dingy fast are not welcome here, and that’s exactly what happens when you invest in light-colored suits. Gray hides those dingy edges you get on cream and light jackets, but it’s not too dark for warmer weather. All all-around pleaser, if you will.

6. French Roast

A deep, dark brown… yes, please!   Why It’s a Good Pick: It’s a great alternative to wearing basic black for work.

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