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Beauty Note for Summer -- Hot Nail Polish Colors

Polish I Love


Want to get a something that's on-trend and not too pricey? Nail polish is a good pick.

1. Mauve

A rich brown-pink nail polish, totally opaque for summer and one of my favorite polish colors, is great for people who commute on foot. As someone who walks a couple of miles every day to and from work, I know that feet, especially the toenails, can get terribly damaged from different shoes. To hide any cracked or uneven toenails, darkened nails, or white spots, mauve polish is one of the best go-to items on the planet. I even keep a bottle in my desk at work.

2. Pearlescent Polish

Pearlescent polish is another easy polish selection that looks professional but doesn't really require you to get a professional manicure (unlike whites and opaque peaches, two of the hardest polishes to get right, in my opinion). Polish with some dazzle is also magnificent with jewelry of your choice. A smart pick all around.

3. Red-Orange

A dull red-orange matte polish reminds me of the first import-export company, Vantine’s, which was located in New York City. That interest in things from the “Orient” ended up manifesting itself in a wonderful collection of art from the East. Forget about the bright reds and look for something with a more complex color story -- a blend of two brights with a purpose. (Zola, one of my favorite brands, has some wonderful red-orange polishes).

4. Beige

A little shine is the new neutral. Warm colors in tans and putties are interesting and can take the place of clear polish -- and you don’t need to worry much about smudges. If you wear silver jewelry, it would look great with that.

5. Grey with Shine

Try mixing grey nail polish with something more elegant, like a shiny white or a soft pearl. Gray matte has circulated around the drugstores, true, but a soft glow adds a certain degree of femininity. Think gray pavement with a soft splash of rain sparkling across its surface -- and then don’t forget a topcoat to protect it! Another nice blend is brown with a little pearly polish mixed in for a mocha color. I love this look on darker skin tones.

6. Cocoa Colors

Brown polish is a hard one to make work -- I have had a single bottle of brown polish in my life, and while I loved it, I didn’t wear it often. But brown, when you ease into it, has a certain class to it that other polishes can’t top. I highly recommend getting a bottle of gold polish and a bottle of brown and then doing a custom blend.

7. Blue-Gray

A dark blue with gray blend is another color that I find striking and definitely interesting in comparison to the true blues. This mixed-up color is unique, and it looks darn good with jeans and a chambray shirt, too.

8. Light Green

A light green, a minty green, is the perfect choice for spring. With 2012 being a green-heavy year, you can be sure that the light tint is a winner. During winter, the greens were darker, but now we have our eyes on a lighter, brighter type.

9. Neon + White

This is a very interesting combination to me: the brights that we used to love in the ‘80s, but with some whites mixed in to tone down the color and add some interest where it counts -- your pretty fingertips! No more neon -- you deserve something much more sophisticated.

10. Rose Pink

Top your tips in something bright but ladylike! This pretty pink isn’t too light or too dark, and it looks awesome on both the fingers and toes.

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