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A Compilation: Fashion Tips from User Answers


Need advice? I've whipped up another list pulled straight from user answers.

1. On the Fur Gilet...

No, they are so messy in appearance. I can see the usefulness in a cold climate, but not in my part of the planet. -Nehmah

i don't like vests, of any sort, so i never wear them... but i DO have a fur capelet, which i wear and enjoy. it's a vintage piece, and has given pleasure to at least 3 generations of women! it IS biodegradable, and 'green'... i know that there are those who only wear faux... that's their choice, mine is to wear real... hopefully, there is enough choice and enough ground for everyone! and, btw, in the winter, almost everything which is warm makes us look larger - i'd rather look a little larger and be warm, than shiveringly slim, but again, that's something that each person decides for herself. were i younger, or single, or in a different place in my life, i might think differently, but as it is, i'm happy with my choices. -Tuxey

2. On What Color To Wear This Season...

"Teal has been my theme color for the season. Most of the clothes I've bought this winter are teal and I'm going to continue that for summer, but paired with corals and pinks." -Napaneedlepoint

3. On Following Fashion Rules...

"I wear what makes me feel and look fabulous! There are NO rules when it comes to fashion. Do you and forget 'them.'" - Sebastian

Fashion is fickle, and the rules change all the time. So it's up to you to decide what rules work for you and which ones don't, and which rules you should break. The rule about plus-size women not wearing horizontal stripes is meant to be broken. I saw some blogs early in the spring where they broke that rule, and it inspired me to buy an LL Bean striped French Sailor's shirt, which looks pretty good. Also, one of my friends who is plus-size wears a lot of pattern, and on her it looks really good ... it suits her personality. I'm learning to wear patterns, so that's one personal rule I had that I've broken. I think I've successfully gotten out of my fashion rut this spring and summer. It will be interesting to see what fall brings! -Edie

4. More Rules...

"I think 'rules' are meant to be used as guidelines and are not carved in stone. Different personalities and tastes transform every rule to interpretation." -Moe

"Yes sometimes i do, But i love to make my own Fashion statement!" -Laurieann

5. Seasons of Inspiration...

"leather, blazers, capes, sweaters, tights, the 'chilly' but NOT cold weather wear. i love to match up a blazer, silk scarf and sweater top with a skirt or jeans... with a turtleneck, or cowlneck sweater, and GO! i wear pantyhose (so, if i'm the only one, who cares??) and while i've worn them when it's 100 degrees, i prefer the cooler weather... real shoes, not sandals or flipflops... i love the brisk weather, i love the colors of autumn - deep greens, browns, rusts, golds, black, burgundy... and with my fair skin and auburn hair, they suit me very well!!" -Tuxey

"Everything is new and fresh . new flowers and everything is coming up fresh." -Teresa

6. On Eras on Inspiration...

"I love them all. Every era inspires me because every era has beautiful fashion in it. There's something from all of them that's unique and people still wear to this day. I tend to change day to day. One day I do a modern look, with a bit of 70's 'big hair,' to the 20's with antique lace and romantic dresses. -MandyLu

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