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Can You Be a 40-Year-Old Model?

By September 18, 2010

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Do you have dreams of being a plus-size model, but you think you're too old? We had a reader ask us if she should pursue a modeling career as a plus-size women, age 40+. I asked Joy Tribble, CEO and Founder of Walking Curves, who's also a plus-size model.

Here's her answer:

There are women in the 40 -50 year old age demographic that still need representation, that are plus size women. I know I certainly wouldn't want to see a women in her mid-twenties, modeling garments for a sassier women of a certain size.

So my suggestion for her would be YES...go for it!. I'm not sure what city she lives in, so she needs to do the research to see where the model calls are, what kind shows are coming up in her area or what a photog is looking for, to develop a small portfolio, to market herself.

Print work and runway work are both two different dynamics associated with the industry, so she needs to find which she prefers and start there....

I wish her the best....and getting started....SOON!

There you go, girls! If you're over 40, and you're interested in being a plus-size model, it's not too late for you to pursue your dreams. Take note of Joy's longer answer on Life Size Radio as well, if you're intrigued--she talked about it on the air! I don't have a transcript, but it was very inspirational.


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